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u must be v lost

i changed urls 4evs ago but heres a lil update in case u are still lost and somehow still have this as my url??? (like not even i remembered that this was my previous url haha) anyways click here



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Chiyo’s Dad Collection


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You always notice me putting this cats every time I post or message someone I use this as my emoticons OKAY? I know it’s annoying but Omfg I want it to share this to all of you how annoying I am LOL and Someone requested me to post all my collections though so here look at how adorable they are. this is always updated if I saw something new.

JA-JAAAN~ image



(Since the first one failed because some bastard from the shipping company took it, I’ll do it once again)

I don’t know what to call this. My, my.

If you win, I’ll let you choose one each.

You know what to do, reblog as many as you can but please be careful to your followers. So take it easy.

You can follow me or not, I’m not a bias. But I’ll be updating this thing. It’s your own choice.

If you cut this message I’ll cut this deal.

Message me if you want some more information.

Let the giveaway begin.

(This ends in July 29, 2013)

PS: Reblog it directly from me. If you didn’t reblog it from me, it wouldn’t count.

oops i changed url’s hohoho